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solid surface kitchens

A kitchen is so much more than just another room in your house. For many, their kitchen is the heart of their home and a room in which endless hours are spent each day.

This is why at Solid Surface Products, we pride ourselves on offering the best quality products, matched with the highest quality craftsmanship – to make you a kitchen to be proud of.

Our Solid Surface Kitchens are of such high quality and made to be so long lasting and durable, that they’re also suited perfectly to commercial use, within offices, restaurants and more.

We create bespoke Solid Surface Kitchens unique to your needs and requirements. We will measure, make and fit your kitchen spaces, leaving you with the most practical and aesthetically pleasing kitchen possible. Our team will work with you and your space to create a kitchen filled with seamless lines and smooth flowing surfaces. We offer custom shaping, curvatures and sink cut outs for undermounts.

At Solid Surface Products, we have such a broad range of materials on offer, that we can almost guarantee that they will be able to be seamlessly matched around your entire kitchen.

From worksurfaces, to splashbacks, sinks, tables, bars and chairs – we have you covered. One of our most popular requests is a worktop paired with matching splashbacks, giving your kitchen a beautiful ‘finished’ look and offering increased hygiene for your well loved areas.

We offer such a huge range of Solid Surface Kitchen products, that we are sure you will be able to create your space, whether it’s, calm white and airy, grey and on-trend, dark sleek and modern, or bright colourful and unique – we have it all.

Our Solid Surfaces have already proven extremely popular and successful – even in high wear commercial properties and laboratories. All of our Solid Surface Kitchens are extremely durable and low maintenance, meaning they are easily cleaned and renewed, restoring them to their original beauty. These qualities make our Solid Surfaces more than perfect for your domestic kitchens, ensuring you long lasting beauty and durability.

Are Solid Surface Kitchens right for me?

Solid Surface acrylics are so flexible, and it’s so easy to achieve amazing results for your kitchens. With a huge range of colour choices and exciting finishes, your Solid Surface Kitchens are destined to look stunning. The flexibility of our surfaces means you can achieve seamless kitchen worktops, with splashbacks, upstands and integrated sink features. Our surfaces are extremely hygienic – making them ideal for your domestic and commercial kitchens.

Our Solid Surfaces

The first step to creating your beautiful new bespoke kitchen is finding the material that suits you, your requirements and your chosen budget. We offer such a huge range of Solid Surface Kitchens, with a range of materials all with such broad colour, texture and style choices. Take a look at our stunning range below.

Staron – Made of 100% durable acrylic material, Staron is extremely versatile, with amazing hygienic qualities, so it’s no surprise that Staron solid surfaces are fast becoming one of the most popular choices across the globe for such a wide range of projects.

With an extensive range of colours and styles, you can be sure to match your surfaces to the rest of your decor or chosen colour scheme.

Hanex – Hanex is crafted from a unique combination of acrylic resins and natural materials. It can be cut, shaped and formed to fit a wide range of designs. Hanex is considerably cheaper than some other main brands, yet offers similar amazing results.

There are tons of design choices available when using Hanex Solid Surfaces. Hanex offers an incredibly broad range of colours, whether you’re looking for a modern feel, a more sophisticated neutral feel, or even pearlescent.

Avonite – Avonite Solid Surfaces are best known in the design industry for it’s range of stunning colours and patterns.With rich collections inspired by glass, precious metals and other natural materials – you can be sure that your surfaces will look outstanding.

Wilsonart – Wilsonart solid surfaces offer one-of-a-kind looks, blending creativity with natural elements. Wilsonart solid surfaces offer long-lasting beauty, function and performance, making your surfaces beautifully sophisticated and effortlessly durable.

HI-MACS – provides all of the benefits of stone worktops, but is perfectly blended with acrylic to provide a stylish stone worktop but that is extremely hygienic and easy to clean.
Available in 113 solid surface colours, and 30 amazing Quartz surfaces.

Corian – one of the most popular brands of solid surfaces over the globe for the last four decades. With hundreds of colours, and diverse and eye-catching patterns, you can style your Corian Solid Surfaces to match or compliment your decor perfectly.

Mistral – made entirely of solid surface material, making it extremely strong and durable. Mistral Solid Surfaces are highly flexible, allowing you to be able to create unique features as part of your bespoke design.

Durat – available in more than 200 vibrant colours. Custom colours can also be made for bespoke orders – tinting Durat Solid Surfaces to ensure they match your design perfectly. Durat Solid Surfaces are extremely hard wearing and easily maintained – making them the ideal material for domestic and commercial purposes.

Tristone – comes in a variety of colours at a very competitive price whilst still offering the same beautiful finish as more expensive high quality surfaces, such as granite or solid stone products.

What happens now?

You have a room to renovate, lots of ideas and inspiration and you’ve found a solid surface that sounds perfect for you, so what happens now?
Solid Surface Products are happy to advise you on the best solution for your requirements.

We will help to measure and evaluate your space, ensuring you get the most for your money. We’ll also take care of the supply and installation of your units to the highest quality.

Have a look at some of our previous designs, and our dedicated team will be able to help you to find the perfect material, in your ideal colour, to give you a deal that simply can’t be beaten.

Get in touch by calling us on 01789 731 120, or sending us an e-mail to info@solidsurfaceproducts.co.uk, and we will get back to you.