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DuPont™ Corian®

What is it?

Corian Solid Surfaces has been one of the most popular brands of solid surfaces over the globe for the last four decades! With hundreds of colours, and diverse and eye catching patterns, you can style your Corian Solid Surfaces to match or compliment your decor perfectly.

What is it good for?

Corian Solid Surfaces are incredibly versatile, they can be formed into any shape to suit your needs entirely – making the design possibilities endless! 

The flexibility of the material allows seamless joints to be created, with no unsightly lines breaking up and limiting your design. Our products are bespoke and made to fit your needs, making Corian Solid Surfaces the ideal material to use when creative unique shapes and curves that suit you!

Corian Solid Surfaces are incredibly durable, and even if you do experience some signs of usages, with a little buffing and sanding these scratches and blemishes can magically disappear. This makes your Corian surfaces not only repairable, but also renewable – saving you money in the long run.

Where can you use it?

Corian Solid Surfaces offers an elegant and smart solution to a great range of projects in both commercial and residential environments. From large hotels covering bathrooms, kitchens, receptions and vanities, all the way to your own personal kitchens, bathrooms and furniture at home – Corian Solid Surfaces  are for you!

Corian is a non porous material, making it incredibly hygienic and completely stain resistant – perfect for your kitchens, bathrooms and areas of high client traffic e.g. busy reception areas or even hospitals. Corian Solid Surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected using a range of antibacterial and chemical products, which is exactly what you need for those areas of high usage that will need regular cleaning.