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What is it?

Durat is a unique, sustainable solid surface material which contains recycled post industrial plastics and is 100% recyclable – making it the best option of Solid Surfaces for our environment. Durat repurchases, refurbishes and sells used Durat products, with their end goal being to ensure the longest possible life cycle for Durat Materials and an aim to re-use 100% of the materials that they produce.

What is it good for?

Durat can be used to create seamless surfaces of any custom project, so you can be sure it will fit your space. Made to measure pieces will make the most out of the room you have, Durat Solid Surfaces can be used to make the most of awkward corners, and even the smallest of rooms to utilise your space to your maximum potential. 

Durat is available in more than 200 vibrant colours. Custom colours can also be made for bespoke orders – tinting Durat Solid Surfaces to ensure they match your design perfectly! Durat customize the base colour and also determine the textures by modifying the size of the granulates. Customisation makes it possible to get Durat products exactly matching your company’s brand colors or existing decor – and samples will be sent to you to ensure an exact match!

The finish of Durat products can be easily renewed: scratches and other marks removed. A quick re-polish will make the surface of your Durat Solid Surfaces look as good as new. 

Where can you use it?

Durat Solid Surfaces are extremely hard wearing and easily maintained – making them the idea material for a variety of interiors, not limited to; bathrooms, kitchens and public places. Durat can be used commercially or in your own home!