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What is it?

Avonite Solid Surfaces are best known in the design industry for it’s range of stunning colours and patterns. Avonite is a pioneer in the surfacing industry, being the first of its kind to introduce a vibrant spectrum of colours at a time of only neutral colours being offered. If it’s a vibrant and unique look you’re wanting, then Avonite is the material for you. Some of the colours are incredibly vibrant and eye catching, and are yet to be replicated by any other solid surface company you’ll find on the market!

Avonite Solid Surfaces are always recyclable. They are offered in a variety of sizes, dynamic colours and realistic textures – great for adding depth to your design ideas. With rich collections inspired by glass, precious metals and other natural materials – you can be sure that your surfaces will look outstanding!

What is it good for?

Bespoke to you and your needs, Avonite Solid Surfaces come in flexible widths, lengths and thickness options. Avonite is a seamless material when fabricated, perfect for usages on vanity units or kitchen work surfaces. If you are considering a new solid surface for a refurbishment in a kitchen or bathroom area, then Avonite may be for you!

Where can you use it?

Avonite Solid Surfaces are incredibly durable, and can withstand both stains and scratches from everyday use, making it the perfect choice for your kitchen surfaces. It is also heat resistant, meaning worries about pots and pans are a thing of the past, and ensuring your new Avonite Solid Surfaces will be long lasting. 

Avonite isn’t just for kitchens – whether it be an office, bathroom or shop surfaces, you can be sure your designs will stand out from the crowd, whilst being easy to clean and maintain.