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What is it?

HI-MACS Solid Surfaces provides all of the benefit of stone worktops, but is perfectly blended with acrylic to provide a stylish stone worktop but that is extremely hygienic and easy to clean.

Available in 113 solid surface colours, and 30 amazing Quartz surfaces, you can be sure that your surfaces will compliment your existing interiors with styles to suit everyone.

What is it good for?

HI-MACS Solid Surfaces offer a limitless design range, as it can be formed into any shape you wish, allowing it to fit perfectly into your required spaces, and giving you a free reign to design your perfect product. Seamless joints ensure your surfaces will be perfect, with no unsightly lines breaking up your design, and catching dirt and bacteria.

HI-MACS Solid Surfaces are virtually maintenance free – with stain resistant properties you can be sure that your surfaces will be extremely durable and easy to look after. If your surfaces do manage to scratch or wear over time, they can be easily repaired and renewed, making any scratches disappear like magic!

Where can you use it?

HI-MACS Solid Surfaces are completely non-porous, holding no risk of harbouring germs or bacteria – making it the perfect surface to be used in hospitals, laboratories, bathrooms and kitchens. But why stop there? HI-MACS Solid Surfaces look beautiful in any environment and are commonly used in hotels, airports, window cills, table tops, and can be used all over your home! It is such a flexible projects that you can use it to make your own beautiful bespoke furniture; from desks, displays, bars and vanity units, even down to wall cladding!