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What is it?

Hanex Solid Surfaces are high quality, 100% acrylic solid surface materials. The surfaces are crafted from a unique combination of acrylic resins and natural materials. Hanex stands up against other solid surface materials for it’s design flexibility, offering no end of design possibilities for creative projects. Hanex can be cut, shaped and formed to fit a wide range of designs. Hanex is considerably cheaper than some other main brands, yet offers similar amazing results.

There are tons of design choices available when using Hanex Solid Surfaces. Finding the perfect colour to fit your needs won’t be difficult. Hanex offers an incredibly broad range of colours; whether you’re looking for a modern feel, a more sophisticated neutral feel, or even pearlescent – you can really let your creative ideas take the lead and get a finished product of your dreams!

What is it good for?

As Hanex is acrylic, the design flexibility offered is huge! Hanex Solid Surfaces can be cut, shaped, moulded, routed and thermoformed into no end of 3D shapes. The flexibility of the material allows seamless joints to be created, with no unsightly lines breaking up and limiting your design. Our products are bespoke and made to fit your needs, making Hanex Solid Surfaces the ideal material to use when creative unique shapes and curves that suit you!

Hanex Solid Surfaces are incredibly durable, and even if you do experience some signs of usages, with a little buffing and sanding these scratches and blemishes can magically disappear. This makes your Hanex surfaces not only repairable, but also renewable – saving you money in the long run.

Where can you use it?

Hanex is often used in the domestic market for kitchen worktops. The properties of Hanex Solid Surfaces make it incredibly hygienic. Hanex is non-porous and moisture resistant, making bacterial growth a thing of the past! With no seams and unsightly gaps, you don’t have to worry about hard to reach areas, making your Hanex Solid Surface easy to clean and maintain.

Although Hanex Solid Surfaces are a popular material for kitchen worktops, it’s also a brilliant choice for a variety of other needs. From hotel vanity units to retail counters, reception desks and even airport check in desks, Hanex can do it all!