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What is it?

Mistral Solid Surface is made entirely of solid surface material, making it extremely strong and durable – allowing it to cope effortlessly with the rigours of day to day use within your home.

With 25mm pieces, 6mm splashbacks and Upstands, you can use Mistral across your whole kitchen to merge your design ideas and create one continuous flow of flawless surfaces.

Mistral have a range of ready cut sizes, along with their very own adhesive and care kit – allowing you to care for your new surfaces without worry!

What is it good for?

Mistral Solid Surface can be angled and curved to fit your design and measurements. Mistral kitchens are filled with beautiful continuous surfaces that flow around your room with seamless joins, discreetly forming one aesthetically pleasing countertop. Mistral Solid Surfaces are highly flexible, allowing you to be able to create unique features as part of your bespoke design.

Mistral can be sanded and refinished at any time during its lifespan to remove any signs of wear and tears and leave it looking as good as new – saving you money!

Where can you use it?

Mistral Solid Surfaces are nothing short of perfect for use in your home kitchen. With a smooth and non-porous finish, it is so inherently hygienic and resistant to staining without the need to be sealed. Your surfaces can simply be wipes clean with a cloth and soapy water, or a general household cleaner – meaning no more harsh chemicals laying around your kitchen!