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What is it?

Staron is an affordable quality solid surface. Staron is a solid mineral-filled acrylic polymer material. The properties of Staron make the design possibilities of this solid surface near limitless – perfect for your bespoke products. Made of 100% durable acrylic material, Staron is extremely versatile, with amazing hygienic qualities, so it’s no surprise that Staron solid surfaces are fast becoming one of the most popular choices across the globe for such a wide range of projects. Often used in restaurants (both in the kitchen and as serving counters) and across hospitals, doctors and dentist surgeries. Simple routine maintenance is required to keep your Staron solid surfaces looking new and fresh.

Staron solid surfaces are not only the ‘sensible choice’ for areas of repeated usage. Staron Solid Surfaces are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. With an extensive range of colours and styles, you can be sure to match your surfaces to the rest of your decor or chosen colour scheme. Staron also benefits from imperceptible seams. It can be sculpted into any shape imaginable – meaning your designs can be as creative as your space and budget allows. The flexibility of the surface enables our designers to integrate sinks, countertops and backsplashes into a smooth style, with no more unsightly joins!

What is it good for?

Staron is a non porous material that resists bacteria, mould and moisture from penetrating it’s surface. This makes Staron Solid Surfaces easy to clean and also stain resistant! Staron comes without any finishing polishes or sealers applied, rather just the same solid material throughout the entire thickness of the material. With every clean of your Staron, you don’t have to worry about your Staron losing it’s durability and hygienic properties. Even after years of repeat use, your surfaces can simply be sanded and restored back to its original condition. Our continuous and seamless countertops can be created using the flexibility of the Staron to its full potential, eliminating dirt trapping joins or crevices that prove unhygienic and difficult to clean.

Where can you use it?

Staron Solid Surfaces are durable, perfect for those areas of high usage. Whether it’s a kitchen in a restaurant or the reception of a busy office or hospital, you can be sure that your Staron Solid Surfaces will be long lasting – meaning less disruption to your business or home. Staron is also very easily repairable if you even need to do so. If you find your Staron solid surface has been damaged or scratched, you will often find that you do not need to replace the full thing as scratches, cracks, scuffs etc can be easily sanded out, leaving your countertop fully restored to its original beauty.